Policies & Guidelines

Our set of Policies & Guidelines details some of the most important ways for us to run the company to the high standards of corporate governance, ensuring that we are both effective and ethical.


Corporate Disclosure Policy

The policy serves to enhance our standard of corporate governance, particularly in the area of transparent disclosure to the public. It enables shareholders and stakeholders to gain access to business information beyond the company's financial disclosure, and also serves to maintain effective communications between the company and its shareholders and stakeholders.
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Code of Ethics

The policy serves to remind all of our employees that they are to act and conduct themselves in accordance with the required standards of integrity, professionalism and ethical behaviour. BIMB Holdings' reputation as a responsible financial holding company and a good corporate citizen must be maintained and safeguarded for the sustained growth of the company. The policy also provides the basis for the creation of a working environment that is productive, positive, enhoyable, safe and free form harassment and discrimination.
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Whistle-blowing Policy

The policy reflects our commitment to the values of transparency, integrity, impartiality and accountability in the conduct of our business and affairs, and promotes an open communication and transparent work culture. We believe that any transgression of ethical rules and principles, such as fraud, corruption, financial impropriety and gross mismanagement should be reported and dealt with in accordance with the company's established due process. Our employees are encouraged to aspire to the highest possible standards of compliance and ethics, where adherence to the policy will further enhance the company's credibility.
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Sustainability Policy

As a pioneer Shariah-compliant financial services provider, BHB continuously uphold Shariah principles in relation to its business and social responsibilities. Committing itself to promoting sustainable economic and social development, while at the same time creating positive impact on both the community and environment, BHB is establishing a new Sustainability Framework guided by the following:-

• MCCG 2012;
• Bursa Malaysia Sustainability Reporting Guide;
• FTSE4Good Bursa Malaysia and
• Global Reporting Initiative G4.

The new Sustainability Framework serves in meeting BHB’s objective to become a Responsible Financial Entity. The framework is driven
by the following:-

In order to realise the above objective, BHB has identified five (5) key areas that represent BHB’s core responsibilities namely:

The above framework and key areas are developed to safeguard the interest and address the issues of BHB’s stakeholders.

The implementation of sustainability practices and initiatives will promote sustainable economic and social development, while at the same time create positive impact on both the community and the environment.

Read the Terms of Reference of Sustainability Steering Committee here

Guidelines on Fit & Proper

The guidelines lay the groundwork for our approach in assessing the fitness and propriety of individuals who are to be appointed to key positions within the company.  These individuals, acting as Key Responsible Person, are required to possess the competence, character, diligence, honesty, integrity and judgement to perform properly the duties of such position, in tandem with good corporate governance practices.
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