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What is eDividend?

eDividend is a service which allows a listed issuer to electronically pay cash dividend entitlements directly into a registered bank account instead of bank cheques. 

Implementation of the eDividend will provide the following benefits to shareholders:

  1. Efficiency of the payment system which is aligned to the national agenda of migrating to electronic payment.
  2. Faster access to dividends that is paid directly into shareholders’ bank account.
  3. Convenience from having to deposit dividend cheques.
  4. Convenience from having to provide bank account information repetitively.
  5. Minimize incidents of lost or expired cheques, delays in receiving dividend payments and unauthorised deposit of dividend cheques.

Register by providing your stockbroker with bank account particulars from 19th April 2010 to 18th April 2011. Please note registrations after 18th April 2011 will incur an administration fee.


How to register for eDividend?

  • Download the registration form from the selection menu on your left hand side and submit together with relevant supporting documents to the stock broker's office where your CDS account is maintained.
  • If you are unable to be present at your stock broker's office to submit the form and supporting documents, please ensure that your documents have been witnessed by an acceptable witness specified by Bursa Depository. An acceptable witness includes an Authorised Officer of a stock broker, a Dealer's representative, a notary public or an authorised officer of the Malaysian Embassy/High Commission.
  • If your CDS account is held in the name of a nominee, the nominee will register for the eDividend.

What supporting documents are required?