Sustainability at BHB is about investing in the bright future of our organisation and ensuring that what we do makes a positive and lasting impact on our community, our economy and our country. Our purpose is to meet and support society’s financial needs in a responsible and ethical manner, anchored on Islamic values. Through this purpose, we aim social and economic wellbeing towards inclusive growth that creates economic opportunities for all, support ongoing efforts to develop real economy, enhance the welfare of the community and contribute towards environmental conservation.

Our Sustainability Strategy

Our sustainability strategy draws guidance from the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad’s Main Market Listing Requirements and Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”) Standards, United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (“UNSDG”) as well as Bank Negara Malaysia’s Value Based Intermediation (“VBI”) concept. Our efforts are detailed under the following five key material pillars:


Responsible Finance

Provide financial solutions that effectively deliver economic and social benefits, while uplifting people and environment.


Inclusive Growth

Promote participations from all segments of the society, especially the disadvantaged and underserved communities, in our financial activities and businesses.


Talent Management

Invest in our people that allows them to develop and become an important contributor to our business and the society.

Ethical Practice and Reporting

Realise ethical values by being honest, trustworthy and transparent in all our decisions and actions.


Islamic Finance and Knowledge-Sharing

Propagate our wealth of experience and knowledge to create a learned society and advance the industry.