Responsible Finance

Provide financial solutions that effectively deliver economic and social benefits, while uplifting people and environment.

Advancing Malaysia as an Islamic financial hub
Largest Global Shariah-ESG Equity Fund (RM857 mil) and Global ESG Sukuk Fund (RM219 mil) in Malaysia

Contribute to national financial stability and domestic economic growth
Market capitalisation of RM7.8 bil as at end December 2019 (in comparison to RM6 bil as at end December 2018)

Collaboration with governmental agencies in promoting the national Shared Prosperity agenda
RM315,639,000 of tax contribution

Integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) matters in the operating subsidiaries’ business operations
More than RM1.76 bil financing facility for companies and corporations investing in green technologies and renewable energy solutions under Green Financing scheme

Click here for case studies of TiME Marine ‘Onshore Hydrocarbon Recovery from Sludge’ projectBatu Maung Waste Transfer Station and Solar Farm Project

Introducing beneficial products and services:

  • A New Tranche of Takaful Solutions
  • Responsible Investing through BIMB-ARABESQUE I Global Dividen Fund-1
  • Personal financing-I targeting essential Health and Education sector
  • Enhanced Al-Awfar to promote savings with rewards

Promoting the growth of the SME sector:

  • Opened 12 SME banking hubs 
  • SME Entrepreneur Development Programme 2.0 for xx participants
  • RM300 million for Sarawak Energy’s Vendor Financing Programme